Our Mission


We strive to provide a community where every player finds a place they belong!


We strive to provide an environment where every player embodies the value of character in sport and in life!


We strive to provide a program where every player realizes their fullest potential on and off the field!


"Organizing Rugby in Central Alberta" - ORCA Rugby Association

ORCA is a non-profit organization committed to the development of rugby in Central Alberta.  

Our mandate is to provide every child in every community the opportunity to experience this amazing sport through community rugby initiatives, participation in our local club and school programs, and ultimately allow them to pursue their rugby dreams.

We are specifically looking to introduce rugby into municipalities across the region through Rookie Rugby (school-based) and Community programs.

These programs are intended to build a wave of interest in local club programs which in turn will expand and grow the sport throughout the region.

We will look to further invest in and develop young athletes looking to pursue rugby ambitions through the School of Rugby and Predators programs.



“Orcas combine amazing physical traits of speed, agility, stamina, size and strength with brilliant problem-solving skills, intuition, teamwork, communication and the ability to improvise.”

— World's Greatest Apex Predators


The Team

The ORCA mandate is a vision of Norm McDougall, Dan Meikle and Kenton Poelzer to develop rugby a platform for Central Alberta rugby to realize its fullest potential with the dream of impacting the sport nationally.

Norm McDougall

Norm has been involved in rugby since 1972 and specifically developed youth rugby since 1980.  He has invested tens of thousands of hours into the sport and is heavily responsible for the development of the youth program at the Red Deer Titans Rugby Club.  Norm had a career in teaching in Red Deer until his recent retirement (though he still loves to help out as sub).  His passion for the sport and youth has no limits as he continues this day working with school and community initiatives.

Dan Meikle

Dan hails from the rugby nation of New Zealand and has developed into a top provincial coach.  Known as an expert scrum coach his resume includes coaching Titans Div 1 Mens, Predators U18 and U21, AB Wolfpack U19, Canada U18, Titans U9/U11, among many, many others.  Dan is extremely passionate about the sport and developing young players.  He has been instrumental in developing the Central Predators regional programs.

Kenton Poelzer

Kenton has been involved in rugby since 2001 as a player, coach, and administrator.  Over the last six years he has made a substantial investment in youth rugby participating on club and provincial boards as well as initiating many new programs/competitions throughout the province.  Kenton also coaches U13 boys, U18 girls and Women’s rugby and piloted Rugby Canada's Rookie Rugby program in Central Alberta.